Seeking alternative methods to interact

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The question now is why did the Ford Motor Company choose to have such a marketing campaign. This commercial would be showing on the 24th of December and it asynchronous motor manufacturers would not be a Spanish-only kind of commercial. My wife feels the same way.' So where's the English, you may ask? After that scene, a tagline would flash across the screen and you would read 'Bold stays faithful. In this regard, the Ford Motor Company has hired Zubi Advertising to make an advertisement for the company's sport utility vehicle, Ford Edge. The ad would actually be using Spanglish (a mixture of Spanish and English), for that matter.It has been very much said that when you need to advertise a product or a service, you would have to make sure that your commercial or advertisement actually does suit the culture and the norms of the area or the market where you would be displaying and broadcasting your product. Zubi has been the brains behind the advertisement that would last some thirty seconds and has been entitled 'Temptation'. The young Latino guy would speak (in Spanish), 'Gracias. However, only time would tell as for now. Well, a statement was released by Zubi wherein its chief head honcho, Joe Zubizarreta, was reported to have described the campaign to 'signal a reconsideration of mass media solutions in an era where Hispanic consumers are seeking alternative methods to interact with products and messages. As he zooms through the city, he would be seeing a female who would be admiring the driver and the vehicle.' Yes, in English, and not in the Spanish language. So what would be the advertisement be all about? The Ford Motor Company has said that the ad would be showing a young Latino somewhere in an urban area. After all, you surely would not want to have your Ford Focus performance parts advertisement in English when you are going to show it in a place where people do not understand the language. He would be zipping through the streets in a copper colored Ford Edge.' Indeed, with such a kind of campaign going on, Hispanic consumers may likely be able to interact and relate with the advertisement thus lead to higher sales for Ford.